Mizu Insulated Titanium Mug

The Mizu Insulated Titanium Mug gives you the benefits of a double-wall mug without the weight.  Our high grade titanium alloy provides a durable insulated mug at under 100 grams.  Designed by Ninja Prepper, a family run business based out of central Washington state.


Insulated Double Wall

The Mizu mug is an insulated titanium mug. Its double-wall titanium construction keeps your drink warm, but more importantly, it keeps the outside of the mug cool to the touch even with boiling liquids inside.

Single wall metal mugs will easily burn your hands with hot liquids inside.


300ML at 97 Grams

The light weight and extreme strength of this mug allow you to store it easily in your hiking or bug-out bag, while still being large enough to enjoy a full cup of coffee.

The handles on the mug collapse flush against the cylinder for storage and can be folded out while in use.

The mug measures 3.25 inches tall, and 3 inches in diameter. Similar in size to a standard diner coffee cup.

The weight is 97 grams (or 3.4oz).


Mesh Carrying Bag

All Mizu mugs now ship with a drawstring mesh bag which keeps the mug from clanging around in your bag.